Smart Ideas: Gear Revisited

A Guide to Land Surveying Tools. Land surveying can be..

Smart Ideas: Gear Revisited

A Guide to Land Surveying Tools.

Land surveying can be categorized as one of the ancient arts known to man. It has been captured in several records that talk about the human civilization. Land survey takes measurements on the surface of the earth. Measurement of heights and distances are some of the activities that are involved in the land surveying. One of the most critical resources to human beings are lands. With the increase in population the need for surveying has risen high. Subdivision of the land parcels so that people may get ownership titles deeds. Specialists in this art of surveying are referred to as land surveyors. Land surveyors must be conversant with the different surveying equipment. There are very many tools available that are used in the land survey. Initially the tape and chain are the most used tools.

They measure the distance between points on the land parcels. They are still used today despite the fact that they are very old in land survey. Theodolites are another tool that is used for land survey. They are used in the measurement of bearings. When using them there is need to use controls where you will set up the theodolite. They are referred to as horizontal controls. They are established through the process of leveling. The level is the leveling instrument used. There are both analog and digital leveling equipment. Levels create controls that are the basis of any land survey. Land survey equipment is the total station. This machine has an inbuilt electronic distance measurement system that computes distance. Distances and bearings are measured at the same time. There is a reflector that is used in conjunction with the total station as a target. It employs the use of laser beam in setting up and direction measurement.

The recent technology has seen the innovation of a more advanced land surveying tool. For instances the GPS that stands for global position system. They are found in broad types in the current market. They use satellite in the process of measurement. Land surveyors mostly use the Trimble GPS. Trimble GPS can be carried around easily and makes more accurate results. It uses software that is customized to fit the surveys functionalities. One of the main features of the interface is that it is easy to use. They offer storage for any data that has been captured during surveying. One can utilize external units to store the data. The use of GPS in land survey has highly revolutionized the field. Land surveying is undertaken very quickly using the Trimble GPS. There are some factors that are to be put in mind when purchasing the land surveying tools. One should understand which kind of and survey is to be carried out. The accuracy requirements of the survey are also a must. Land surveying results will highly depend on the choice of land surveying equipment used.